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Wearable Board Games

Always have a Board Game on you

Travel light, have fun with friends, entertain the kids

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For 2 players

Game of HEX

A strategy game with simple rules for 2 players

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Soldiers Game

An ancient game often played on the battle fields

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Tigers & Goats Game

An Indian strategy game where one player has more Pawns than the other

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Surakarta Game

Indonesian Board Game where pawns loop around the board.

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Snakes & Ladders

Fun Game for all ages!

Simple rules that make this game suited to play with the whole family. 

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Join our Mission

Multi Minimal products are based on 2 principles: Multi-functional and printed on demand.

Wearing Multi Minimal is a statement that with creativity we can do more with less.
Multi-Functional objects mean less waste, less inventory, less stuff, more zen. 

But also more Fun!